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The new 235,000 square foot state-of-the-art Gage Brothers Precast Manufacturing Plant in Sioux Falls, SD was designed to be a modern and technologically advanced facility that will increase production by up to 60%. With automated and streamlined processes, the new facility will provide clients with quality products in a faster timeframe and boost employee morale and productivity levels. Throughout construction, Fiegen continually collaborated with European vendors to assure the new equipment was transported and installed with the highest standards.

This exciting project will be the new standard for South Dakota manufacturing facilities and Fiegen led the way with a build that exceeded expectations of all. Working alongside Gage Brothers for many years, Fiegen Construction was trusted in building their future - one that all are extremely proud of.

Our end goal was to set the standard for the precast concrete industry and create an even better experience for our clients. Fiegen saw our vision and was able to build us a facility to help achieve everything we wanted. Their team is best in class and we could not have done it without them. Hats off to the entire team, they should be proud of this.
Tom Kelley
Former President, Gage Brothers

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