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Corporate Office showcasing Precast Product

Phase 2 for Gage Brothers new location in Sioux Falls, SD was a 14,000 square foot modern Corporate Office building. Set adjacent to their new 235,000 square foot precast plant, this office featured their own precast product in the form of walls, sweeping open stairways, and a new ER-POST truss. Skylights allowed for natural light in the center of the office where open workstations filled the space. Large open spaces for team-focused collaboration could be found throughout the facility.

While the structure of the building meant to show off Gage Brothers precast, large areas of glass highlighted these pieces and brought a modern feel to the building. Natural light and spectacular views could be found throughout the space. Finally, a large conference room for 20 sitting atop the main entry stairs hosted meetings, conferences, and training sessions. This office was a building designed for their future and Fiegen Construction delivered in the best way possible.

Our end goal was to set the standard for the precast concrete industry and create an even better experience for our clients. Fiegen saw our vision and was able to build us a facility to help achieve everything we wanted. Their team is best in class and we could not have done it without them. Hats off to the entire team, they should be proud of this.
Tom Kelley
Former President, Gage Brothers

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