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A Construction Process With Built-In Benefits

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November 9, 2019

Design-Build Saves Time, Money, and Stress: It’s the Better Way To Build

What business wouldn’t choose a building process that offers opportunities to save money, to reduce construction time, to allow customization, to optimize quality, and to streamline the entire experience?

No hands raised in the audience? That comes as no surprise to all of us at Fiegen Construction. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients since 1967, and those are key advantages that every one of our clients has valued.

Today, we’re pleased to be regarded as expert in a construction process loaded with many intrinsic benefits. Known as “Design-Build,” its cost efficiency, time savings, and collaborative nature have made it popular among clients for everything from commercial and municipal buildings to sports arenas, churches, restaurants, manufacturing plants, medical facilities, and more.

How does it work?

Design Build Delivery InfographicTo begin with, the design-build process is much more fluid than traditional design-bid-build, where the owner hires an architect to design a set of plans then puts the job out to bid. Instead of long gaps of time (and remember: time is money) between different phases of a project being completed by different participants, each member of a design-build team works together from the start and during every step of the process to help move things along more quickly and more smoothly. And, with design-build, there is only one contract for the owner to manage and the design-builder is the single source—rather than having to deal with multiple designers and contractors.

Design-build allows you to vet potential candidates based on experience, then dig into the details of your specific project. This design-build selection process often overlaps with the next phase—the preconstruction phase—since the design-builder team selected will likely have already done a significant amount of research and analysis of the construction site and other particulars.

Notice that you’d be saving time even at the very beginning of the project.

This preconstruction step is critical. Attention to detail is paramount. This is when the design-builder will learn about the owner’s business, including its goals, challenges, budget, and overall vision for the project. It’s a time for asking as many questions as necessary, so as to get a solid picture of what is expected to be delivered. Our clients tell us that they find this phase invaluable. This is when our experience can help you fine-tune plans based on what we have learned from decades of construction within your industry throughout the region. Efficiencies, added benefits, cost reductions, and enhancements have grown out of this collaborative, team-focused process.

Design Build Contractual Relationship InfographicDuring this phase, the owner, architects, engineers, contractors, and other consultants work together as a team to assess existing structures, electrical systems, HVAC systems, operational necessities, and more to determine what needs to be done before construction starts. These assessments allow for a thorough analysis of the construction site, which helps the design-build team maximize efficiency throughout the project. 

At this stage, we view our work—together with you and the entire team—as an excellent opportunity to assess areas for cost savings and optimized productivity, while also meeting functional requirements and style preferences. We’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to suggesting ways to save time, money, or logistical hassles. This process helps us deliver a building that suits your needs and schedule. 

The overall project vision is established during this phase, and preliminary drawings are developed. Pricing estimates can be established during this phase as well, and a firm budget is provided. In addition, we’ll have a timeline for you so that you understand start and end dates and every critical point in between. Our goal is to ensure that you find the construction experience as disruption-free as possible.

Bottom line, we have experienced that fewer design changes and mistakes are made due to miscommunication when design-build is employed. The increase in collaboration enables customization and innovation, which results in less time and fewer materials being wasted at each stage of the project. The result? A higher quality deliverable—with no surprises—ultimately resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Another major benefit of design-build? This method works beautifully for all types of projects: new construction, renovation, expansion, historical restoration, retrofit, or a combination of one or more of these initiatives.

We haven’t mentioned everything there is to know about design-build in this overview, but we have something you may find helpful. Our free Design-Build eBook offers many more details and you can download a copy below or find it here >>

You work hard to make your business succeed, investing time, money, blood, sweat and (hopefully not too many) tears. When it comes to growing your investment, we hope you’ll consider the design-build process.

Have a project in mind? Fiegen Construction is known as “The Real Design-Build Company.” Give us a call or drop us a line on our contact page so we can show you how design-build can benefit you and your project.

Founded in 1967, Fiegen Construction Co. is a family-owned and operated business with an excellent reputation for quality, on time performance and innovation.

Why Design-Build Has Become The Best Construction Delivery Method eBook 


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