_DSC7716 Track _DSC5331 Discovery Elementary Gymnasium Patient Room Ceiling Exterior Westminster Presbyterian Church Interior Entrance
_DSC7716 Track _DSC5331 Discovery Elementary Gymnasium Patient Room Ceiling Exterior Westminster Presbyterian Church Interior Entrance

Electric Construction // Reception

Sanford Fieldhouse // Sanford Fieldhouse Track

The Country Club of Sioux Falls // Pool

Discovery Elementary // Gymnasium

Pillar West // Patient Room

Pillar Dental // Ceiling

Rollag Metal Building // Exterior

Westminster Presbyterian Church // Westminster Presbyterian Church

kRav'N Bar & Grill // Interior

Holy Spirit // Entrance



Industries We Serve

  • Religious/Worship // More than a building, it is a structure that represents the beliefs of a community. Fiegen Construction Co. works closely with Pastors, Building Committees and members of congregations to get the most out of their given budget. Centers of worship are built with an extension of beliefs and values that define it - it is imperative that we as builders communicate closely to make sure all details are addressed to ensure a timely project delivery. One that is inspirational and reverential. More Details

  • Education // Learning, safety, quality, scheduling and play – so much is expected from a school. A new school becomes a member of the community. It attracts residents and prepares our youth. Aestethics, function and safety are vital in an education facility and Fiegen Construction knows how to bring those together. Whether it is new construction or a remodel/addition, the Fiegen Construction Co. can deliver at A+ facility. More Details

  • Medical/Healthcare // Our healthcare Design/Build approach offers an innovative methodology that balances the needs of our clients with the needs of their patients. When working with state-of-the-art medical technology, it’s important for us to get to know you and your business. We work hard to find the best way to design and build your building so you can best treat your patients. More Details

  • Industrial/Manufacturing // The front of the building serves one function; the back, another. With manufacturing-facility construction, it's our goal to bring out the best in all areas of your business. We draw on our experience in many industries and work closely with the client to understand the way you do business. More Details

  • Office/Tenant Improvements // Can a building inspire its employees to look forward to Monday? At Fiegen Construction Co., we think so. Creating an atmosphere that is dynamic, practical and efficient is always first on our agenda. We approach office construction/tenant improvements with the goal of creating an atmosphere that's extraordinary. More Details

  • Sports // More Details