Why Fiegen Construction

A self-performing contractor is more proactive at anticipating and resolving construction issues because they are performing the critical tasks. Additionally, when an owner selects a general contractor who self-performs, they will be rewarded with a number of benefits including quality assurance, better communication, control over the schedule, cost savings and efficient utilization of manpower and machinery. Other benefits include:

Setting the Trend for Quality

The structural frame of the building sets the trend for what will happen throughout the project. That is why it is often advantageous for the general contractor to self-perform the core structural work. Strict quality control during this phase will help ensure the success of the overall project.

Controlling the Schedule

A self-performing general contractor establishes project goals and expectations early on and keeps the team focused and on task. Additionally, when general contractors are able to use their own crews and equipment, it is easier to control the schedule. This control is especially important as more owners are demanding fast-track projects with contractual penalty clauses for missed deadlines.

Staying Within the Budget

Another advantage of self-performed contracting is better management of owner-initiated design changes. When a general contractor is self-performing, these orders are given to them directly and executed by them allowing the change to be made quicker and most cost-efficiently.

Better Communication and Control

More effective and efficient communication between the owner and general contractor, makes for less re-work. It is easier to get it right the first time, and/or fix a potential problem early on if one arises.

Safety First

If a contractor is self-performing a project then it is much easier to keep a grasp on the daily clean-up and safety issues. Typically, the area remains cleaner and safer because the general contractor knows they are responsible for the entire site.

Strong, Experienced Field Force

Contractors who regularly self-perform must have a strong infrastructure of craftsmen and project managers who are successful working as a team. FCC’s Superintendents average 16 years with the company, with most of them having been tradesmen themselves. It is imperative that the general contractor has an experienced staff with an excellent track record. When you work with a builder who offers this service, you know they have spent years developing the infrastructure and number of professionals needed to carryout self-performed projects.

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